Portfolio of reenactment clothes

Custom prices do not include fabric.
 1880 Walking suitSimilar dress would be $900-$2500
 Matching hat

 Sheepskin hat and muff

 1820 Regency silk ball gown

 Hand embroidered delphiniums

Similar dress with out embroidery $600-$800
Victorian 1876 walking suit/sold
Similar dress $900-$1800
 Small bustle in back/sold

 1880 Victorian natural form ball gown/sold
Similar dress $800-$1500

 1880 Victorian natural form ball gown
Similar dress $900-$1900

Just a bustle pad in back

 1820 Regency silk charmeuse ball gown

Similar dress $900-$1800 with petticoat
Back of gown 

 The book cover was a finalist for the 2013 Cover Cafe contest, it finished 4th out of 15.
1912-1914 Late Edwardian tea gown with hand embroidered motifs on bodice and skirt.
Similar dress $900-$2500 with out embroidery.


 1890 Victorian velvet and satin ball gown
Similar dress $1200-$1800


Day Bodice

 1883 Silk and wool walking suit
Similar dress $900-$2500

1877-78 reproduction
Cost for similar dress $1500-$2000

1904 Walking suit with soutache trim

1904 Evening gown black lace over red silk

Mess dress jacket, vest and trewes Custom order  


1877-78 original, purchased to study/reproduce

Waist coat for Mess Dress/custom order

Custom vest $250-$350
 Seaforth Tunic/Custom order

 Waistcoat for Mess Dress/Custom order

 Linen Jacket/Custom order

 Detail of waistcoat